Program Requirements

First/Senior Year Experience

FYE 100 - First-Year Experience
Credit Hours: 2
First-Year Experience, the cornerstone course for the General Education Program at Quincy University, offers a seminar-style class for beginning students. Students will work closely with a professor and a small group of students in a focused but interdisciplinary study on a subject chosen by the professors. Because it serves as an introduction to Quincy University and to the General Education Program, there is also some emphasis on college-level learning skills and on becoming acquainted with the University community.

SYE 400 - Senior-Year Experience
Credit Hours: 1
Senior-Year Experience is the capstone course for the General Education Program at Quincy University. SYE, a one-hour class, brings more advanced students together for a final opportunity to reflect on and integrate their learning experiences in preparation for their move into the larger world.