Genosky Collection

The Genosky Local History collection was created by Fr. Landry Genosky, O.F.M. (1914-1994) from his study of the history of the city of Quincy, Illinois highlighting the Civil War and the Steamboat Eras. The Genosky collection contains documents and photographs dated from 1830-1980 and measures about 75 linear feet.

Hyatt Folklore Collection

The Hyatt Folklore Collection, created by Dr. Harry Hyatt (1890-1980), is unique among folklore collections in the United States because it largely consists of data related to the study of African-American folklore. It contains notes, letters, documents, scrapbooks, and photographs collected in travels and research conducted by Dr. Hyatt in North Africa, Europe and the United States between 1920-1970.

Rare Book Collection & Incunabula

The rare book collection occupies a special temperature controlled room in the library and numbers 4,000 volumes. Among these will be found 57 of the oldest and rarest books in print. These prized 57 are called "Incunabula" and are registered with the United States Library of Congress.

Tibesar Japanese Collection

The Tibesar Japanese Collection was created as a result of the missionary work of Fr. Leopold Tibesar a Maryknoll missionary to China and Japan between 1927-1959. Fr. Tibesar (1898-1968) was a member of a large, well-known Quincy family which included his brother, Fr. Seraphin Tibesar former president of Quincy University.

QU Jubilee of 1912

History of Quincy University 1860-1912

Jubilee is a published keepsake that celebrates St. Francis Solanus College's 52nd year since its foundation in 1860. This document records everything from the college's humble beginnings to its then current accomplishments of 1912.

Fr. Augustine Tolton

Fr. Tolton was born as slave on a plantation in central Missouri.  As as small child, he fled with his family to Quincy at the start of the Civil War.   He was drawn to the priesthood from an early age but because of his race he was not accepted into any seminaries in the US.  Instead, he received his training at the Vatican.  He was ordained in 1886 and returned to Quincy to head a parish for African-American Catholics.

Gyrfalcon QU Yearbook for 1949-2001

The Gyrfalcon yearbook was published from 1949-2001. The volumes have been digitized and are available to download in PDF, full text or to your Kindle. They are accessible also through Internet Archive here. Just search Quincy University, Quincy College or Gyrfalcon. A gyrfalcon is the name for the largest species of falcon that live on Arctic coasts and the islands of North America, Europe, and Asia. Since the hawk is the mascot of Quincy University and the falcon is used as the name for the student newspaper, it was a natural fit to use the name gyrfalcon for the yearbook.