School Counselor or Administrative Certification

Applying for the School Counselor or Administrative Certification


I am including the directions and links for all the forms that you need for the Initial Certification. As your paperwork is received, your file will be started. Depending on the current certification demands, your file will be reviewed and entered as I am able to do so. An email will be sent to you informing you of the entry. For information and interview purposes, your Initial Certification will be in one of the following areas depending on your program:

Type 73 – School Service Personnel – School Counselor

Type 75 – Administrative - General Administrative


73-03D Initial Cert. Application – Complete and fax or mail to the Certification Officer at Quincy University, 1800 College Avenue, Quincy, IL 62301. The form is needed for your file. NOTE: SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT IS REQUIRED TWO TIMES ON THIS FORM. THERE IS A SIGNATURE BOX TOWARDS THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND A SIGNATURE LINE TOWARDS THE BOTTOM OF THE FORM.

QU Official Transcript Request Form – Complete and fax to the Registrar's Office at QU – Fax # 217-228-5283. Request that the official transcript be sent to the Certification Officer at Quincy University. It will be interoffice mailed to me. At the time of your Initial Cert. Application, your QU transcript needs to be official and grades need to be posted. BS STUDENTS: A degree should be conferred, and your certification courses need to be completed. MSE STUDENTS: A degree may or may not be conferred, but your certification courses need to be completed.

Testing – Before certification can be processed, you must have passing scores on your Basic Skills, content test(s), and the APT. (APT is taken during or right after Student Teaching. Check the ICTS site for testing days and information. ) For any endorsement to be included with your application, the appropriate test(s) need(s) to be passed for those, as well.

Educator Certification System (ECS) – You can check your certification status, testing, etc. using the ECS system. ECS is the site where you will make your payments for any Certification Notifications. You can log-on to ECS at any time and set-up your account. This will make it easier when you need to pay for your certification; you'll already have your account information. Use this link to get to ECS:

Payment – Your certificate will be entered by the Certification Officer at Quincy University. You will be sent an email notification of your certificate entry including a link to the ECS site. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PAY ONLINE… DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITH YOUR APPLICATION. You can print your certificate, access it online on the ECS site, and your employer can access it on ECS. You will get an original copy of your certificate in the mail, from ISBE, within 4-6 weeks.