Master of Science in Education

Program Requirements for Master of Science in Education

Core Courses:
  • MSE 600 Research Methodology, MSE 601 Master's Project, and one of the following courses chosen in consultation with the student's advisor: MSE 500 Theories and Principles of Teaching and Learning, MSE 528 Psychoeducational Testing, or MSE 548 Statistics in Education
  • An additional 24 hours of graduate level coursework. This number may vary for students seeking certification.
  • Candidacy Requirement: six hours.
  • Successful defense of the Master's Project.
  • Timeframe: Candidates are required to adhere to a 6-year time limit from acceptance to completion of the degree program with no more than one year between enrollments.
  • To support professional growth and development, evaluation of dispositions is an ongoing process. Dispositional feedback will be provided throughout enrollment in program.

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