A program that makes learning a lifetime experience
POLISThe Pursuit of Learning in Society (POLIS) organization, sponsored by Quincy University, allows active adults over 55 years of age to continue a lifetime of learning while relaxing in a comfortable academic setting with those your own age. Members are introduced to new subjects and ideas without the strain of outside study, paper writing, or test taking.

Members explore new topics and help design new courses while engaging in stimulating lectures and conversations with knowledgeable experts. Courses are designed to open your mind and stimulate thinking about variety of subjects; from Mathematics to Genetics, chose from a dozen or more courses that are attended by retirees and taught by university professors, field experts, religious leaders, and researchers.

You can register by mail or register in person on Registration Day, Wednesday, January 14, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the POLIS office in room 122-D located at the North Campus. Volunteers will be on hand to help members register or answer any questions. No appointment is necessary. Just show up.

The costs for classes and membership in POLIS is minimal. Membership for one semester is $15. Each session of a class costs only $4. You can attend one class or all of them,. Anyone who is of the right age can even come and audit one class for no charge

Contact info:
Quincy University North Campus, Room 122-D
Phone: (217) 228-5594
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Board President: Dr. Mary Ann Klein
Quincy University POLIS Director: Dr. Mary Ann Klein, Room 122-D
217-228-5432 ext. 3193

To provide, at a modest cost, learning experiences for retired and semi-retired persons, regardless of previous educational background.

POLIS is a membership organization sponsored by Quincy University. It provides an opportunity for persons over 55 to continue a lifetime of learning in a relaxed atmosphere, without the strain of having to do outside study, write papers or take tests. Members plan, organize, and shape the curriculum, which includes Quincy University faculty and guest lecturers, discussion groups, seminars, and workshops.

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POLIS offers courses for the Fall Semester and Spring Semester concurrent with Quincy University degree courses. Most classes are held at Quincy University's North Campus (North 18th Street and Seminary Road) from 2:00 to 4:00 PM with alternate locations and times for field classes.

January 23 - Contemporary Christian Eschatology: Modern Challenges and Developments in Considering Life After Death
February 11 - Understanding the Stock Market
February 13, 18 - Modern Syria
February 19 - The Grand Jury
February 20, 27 - Brain Matters
March 3 - Homer's Iliad: Then and Now
March 5 - Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qigong), and China: some history, some gentle movement.
March 6 - Spring Flowers of the Quincy, Illinois Area Forests
March 19, 26 - Reconstruction A Revolution Thwarted
March 20 - Wildlife of Costa Rica
April 1, 8, 15 - Hemingway in History
April 7 - Contemporary Art 1945-2015
April 9, 16, 24 - "The Messier Deep Space Objects"
April 17 - Reading the Bible Again for the First Time IV
April 17 - G. K. Chesterton, 1874-1936, 20th Century Christian Apologist and Humorist
April 28 - Historic Quincy Church Series: St. John's Church
May 1 - Kentucky Derby 2015
May 6 - Winston Churchill Museum Bus Tour

Free parking is provided at the North Campus.