Short-Term Study Abroad


AUR summer programs offer you an opportunity which combines stimulating and challenging academics with unforgettable social and cultural experiences both on campus and in the enchanting city of Rome.  Enjoy the city's attractions and activities as a part of the community and at the same time, you may earn credits toward you degree.  Live in local apartments in a traditional Italian quarter and benefit from the student support services offered by AUR, including field trips throughout Italy, and access to the amazing "L’Estate Romana" a series of entertaining events that happen every summer.

Costa Rica
¡PURA VIDA!  As any smiling local will tell you, Pura Vida is what life is all about in Costa Rica, a country so refreshingly at peace that it constitutionally abolished its military in 1949. You'll discover its intoxicatingly upbeat spirit courses fast and full through the breadth of "Tico" culture on a comprehensive coast-to-coast adventure. Expect to get your hands (and feet, and clothes) dirty as you board canal boats, kayaks, rafts and ziplines to get an up-close look at everchanging landscapes and unparalleled animal and plant life. Bring sturdy shoes and a healthy sense of adventure, because discovering all that Costa Rica has to offer means getting out of the bus and venturing head-on into the unknown.  By the time you reach Guanacaste, don't be surprised if you're the one smiling, and ready to share Pura Vida with the uninitiated back home.  For more information about this opportunity click HERE.

The Assisi Experience: May 12-22, 2014 (Spring Semester)
The Assisi Experience that provides students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the University's Franciscan heritage by journeying to the sites of the Franciscan origins in Italy: Assisi, San Damiano, LaVerna, Grecchio, Vatican City, and Rome.  Students earn three hours of academic credit for an experience that includes an 8-week preparoty class, independent research, collaborative work with other students, and a 10-day trip to Assisi and Rome.

The London Experience: Cultures in Comparison: Jan. 2-22, 2014 (Fall Semester)
The London Experience provides students the opportunity to explore the relationship between the U.S and Great Britain starting with its roots in colonization through the modern era.  We will pay close attention to cultural difference between the two countries, their origins and impact.  Finally the course will culminate in a trip to London to explore firsthand the nation that "birthed" the United States.  While in London we will visit a number of sites including: Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and much more!