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The talents honed in the study of history are in demand more than ever for careers in every area. Whether you picture yourself investigating the past, sharing it with others, or applying the intellectual strengths of a historian to law, business, or another competitive field, the History program at Quincy University will prepare you for success.

History faculty members require and foster high levels of academic achievement through challenging coursework and instructional approaches that sharpen individual performance. They will encourage you to reach your personal best and to discover the excitement of authentic historical research and its impact on our lives. The History program sponsors a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta international honor society to recognize academic excellence and promote historical research.

If you're considering a law career, History's focus on research, analysis, and communication will make it an appealing choice. Many History majors choose to participate in the Pre-Law program, which integrates complementary coursework and internship experiences. If you're attracted to teaching, Quincy's Social Science Certification program offers unparalleled learning opportunities.

The History program offers a bachelor of arts degree and a minor, and you can choose a particular emphasis in American or European history.

International Study
Your study of history is particularly suitable for international study, and Quincy collaborates with many overseas schools to provide semester-long academic experiences. Shorter programs such as the Assisi Experience and the London Experience offer academic credit for learning that includes firsthand exploration.

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