Active Learning Opportunities

The Theatre program's primary home is in MacHugh Theatre, a studio space that accommodates around 100 audience members. We continually upgrade our performance capabilities, with new lighting and sound equipment that takes advantage of improvements in technology. If you prefer to develop your talents as a stagehand or tech wizard, we have plenty for you to do. We also need costumers, set designers, dramaturges, directors, stage managers, and publicists.

Your opportunities won't be limited to the MacHugh stage, however. Each year, the Theatre program creates a children's theatre production that tours schools in the area. This community service project has genuine educational impact, and the chance to bring story-telling magic into a classroom is one you'll never forget.

Quincy is a thriving arts hub, and local venues'such as the Quincy Community Theatre and the Muddy River Opera Company—invite auditions for roles as performers and backstage volunteers.

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