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Through Quincy University's Theatre program, you can experience the joy of performing on stage and learn a broad range of skills related to the creation and staging of dramatic works. Our program offers a minor in Theatre.

Open to all students, the Theatre program offers formal classes in acting, directing, producing, and script writing. In addition to 12 credit hours of classroom courses, the minor calls for 6 credit hours of participation in plays or musicals. Our actors come from every major—and so do the members of our tech crews and production teams. Auditions are open, and with two active theatre groups, you'll find your talents in demand.

Outside the Classroom
The Theatre Program stages a biennial Madrigal Dinner and occasional dramas. The Brother Sun, Sister Moon Players, a student organization, performs plays each semester and sponsors regular improv nights. You might even see your own words come to life because both groups welcome original work.

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