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Welcome to the Division of Humanities

The humanities are so called because they have traditionally been thought of as areas of study that contribute to our attempt to understand what makes us human. In Quincy's Division of Humanities, those areas of study are represented by English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Theology. We believe that the study of our cultural histories by means of literary, theological, and philosophical texts prepares you, our students, to be thoughtful citizens of a multi-cultural world in which our various traditions are honored and our differences respected.

The Division of Humanities courses encourage you to think with fairness and scholarly objectivity about specific historic and contemporary matters. The study of foreign language is an important feature of our program as knowledge of other cultures and other languages is becoming ever more important in many professions. Our professors will stimulate and deepen your thinking, challenge your beliefs, stretch your reading, writing, and critical thinking abilities, all while giving you individual and caring attention.

The Humanities prepare students for both specific fields of work but also for general application to a wide range of human endeavors. Our majors become teachers, professors, lawyers, journalists, counselors, chaplains, and executives in business or service sectors. Some go directly into the teaching field, while others attend graduate or professional schools.

Degrees and Programs

Bachelor's Degrees
Theology & Philosophy

Special Programs
Catholic & Franciscan Theology
Foreign Languages
Pastoral Ministry
Philosophy & Ethics

Master's Degrees
Master of Theological Studies

Contact Us

For more information about the Division of Humanities, contact:
Dr. Daniel Strudwick
217-228-5432 ext. 3202
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