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Some questions are as old as thinking itself, and the search for answers is an exhilarating experience. The Humanities program at Quincy University invites you to join that search through an integrative approach to the study of what it means to be human.

By engaging rich and challenging texts through close reading, in-depth research, and vigorous discussion, you'll sharpen talents that will carry you far, no matter what career path you may choose. You'll develop proficiency in versatile thinking, powerful communication, and wide-ranging research. By analyzing complex material, synthesizing divergent points of view, and presenting your work to your peers and to faculty experts, you will hone the skills of a lifelong learner.

Your bachelor of arts degree in Humanities will include courses from English, History, Philosophy and Theology. From those four areas, you will select three fields of concentration, completing 21 hours in the primary field, 18 in the secondary, and 15 in the tertiary. Your senior capstone experience will challenge you to integrate your study through a major paper developed in a dynamic seminar environment.

Humanities instructors hold the highest degrees in their fields, and they are committed to a philosophy of individualized education that will enable you to achieve your personal best. Independent research will play a significant role in your intellectual growth. You'll also encounter the excitement of foreign language study, developing fluency that is highly valued in the contemporary marketplace.

Outside the Classroom
The annual Town and Gown lecture series will provide you with an opportunity to hear stimulating presentations designed to invite in-depth discussion. Sponsored by the English Club, English Department, and Sigma Tau Delta national English honor society, the Town and Gown series welcomes visiting experts and members of the Quincy faculty, administration, and student body, to share results of scholarship on a wide variety of topics. Exciting ideas and a welcoming environment combine to create a lively exchange of views that will expand your world.

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