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Our objective in the School of Business is to help each student define his or her calling in life and grow as a leader. You should be challenged to follow your passion so that your life's work has significance to you, as well as to our society. Our rigorous curriculum provides the technical and professional skills you need to succeed, as well as a game plan for life.

The School of Business regards practical experience in the workplace as a valuable part of the learning process. All of the School's undergraduate degree programs offer internships to students in good standing. Your internship will help you gain work experience and build your résumé.

The faculty at the School of Business possesses an understanding of what makes the business world work, and what makes it fail. Their ability to share that knowledge and help students learn is unmatched, and their commitment to providing practical experience puts a real-world face on the theories they teach. All of our classes are small, which provides the unique opportunity to develop close and meaningful relationships with our talented faculty and fellow students.

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