Program Requirements


All students pursuing a degree in business must complete the following:

General Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees.
The general requirements for degrees must include MAT 124 Applied College Algebra or MAT 125 College Algebra or higher Math, and PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology.

The Language of Business.
In order to communicate in business it is necessary to understand the language of business which includes accounting, business law, and economics. A student must take the following courses: ACC 121 Principles of Financial Accounting, ACC 221 Management Accounting; BUS 215 Business Law; ECO 222 Principles of Macro-Economics and ECO 223 Principles of Micro-Economics.

The Tools of Business.
Those in business are required to communicate quantitatively and qualitatively. To ensure each student obtains these skills, courses are taken in oral, written, computer and quantitative methods. A student must take the following courses: COM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speakingm, ENG 382 Business Communications, ECO 225 Business Statistics, ECO 226 Quantitative Methods, and BUS 219 Personal Finance.

Major. Common Body of Knowledge.
There is a common body of knowledge that all business students must experience in order to more fully understand the way businesses operate. The courses offering this exposure include management, marketing, finance, and strategic management. These courses are also considered part of the major area of study. Required courses: MGT 300 Principles of Management, MGT 331 Principles of Marketing, MGT 315 Business Finance, and BUS 497 Strategic Management. A grade of "C-" or better is required in BUS 497.

Specialized Body of Knowledge:
MGT 335 Sales Management
MGT 338 Advertising
MGT 342 Theory of Organizational Behavior
MGT 362 Consumer Market Behavior
MGT 432 Market Research
MGT 452 Marketing Management
ECO 321 Managerial Economics
ECO 423 International Economics & Business

Educational Testing Service Major Field Test (ETS). Prior to graduation, each student is required to take the Educational Testing Service Major Field test in Business. This is a national test used to measure each student's level of achievement and to evaluate the business curriculum.

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