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If you love sports and want to be part of the winning teams that sustain them, the Quincy University Sport Management program is for you. The program will challenge you to hone the tools of a top performer: thorough knowledge of business planning, personnel administration, marketing, financial accounting, legal savvy, facility management, and computer skills. In today's high-powered sport environment, Quincy can give you the winning edge.

Your courses will prepare you to deal with complex issues in sport law, psychology, management, marketing, and finance, and you'll perfect your leadership and communication skills. Quincy's philosophy of individualized education means that your teachers collaborate with you outside the classroom as you explore careers through internships, compete for entry into graduate school, or secure the job of your dreams.

At Quincy, you'll find a sports environment that expands your skills and your friendships. Quincy teams compete in NCAA Division II, with eight men's and seven women's sports. Intramurals and other activities sponsored by the Health and Fitness Center attract enthusiastic participation in every season.

Our program offers a bachelor of science degree and a minor in Sport Management.

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