Sports Management


SPM 240    Introduction to Physical Activity and Sport Management
Credit Hours: 3
An orientation course designed to examine the field of sport management. Focuses on the activities of a club, recreational, or competitive sport manager.

SPM 263    Sociology of Sport
Credit Hours: 3
Designed to introduce students to contemporary critical issues in sport, including social inequalities, and intercollegiate and professional sports. There will be an emphasis on raising the level of consciousness regarding the sporting environment. (Same as PED 263)

SPM 264    Introduction to Sport Psychology
Credit Hours: 3
Introduction and overview of the psychological aspects of sport. Knowledge and skills required to develop performance enhancement programs for athletes, performers, and athletic teams are discussed. (Same as PED 264)

SPM 310    Sport Governance 
Credit Hours: 3
Presents the various agencies that govern sport at the high school, collegiate, professional, and amateur levels. Instruction in how government agencies influence the roles of governing bodies. Emphasis will be upon the control imposed upon members by the governing bodies, the power each agency has assumed and how the power is derived, sanctions that can be levied against a member, and the route of appeal.

SPM 350    Facilities Management
Credit Hours: 3
Studies procedures in the planning and management of athletic, physical education, and recreational facilities. Emphasizes the planning process for indoor and outdoor facilities, including recreation parks and open spaces, planning for the handicapped, and trends in facility design. Prerequisite: SPM 240. (Same as PED 350)

SPM 351    Sport Marketing
Credit Hours: 3
An overview of conceptualization and marketing of events to participants, spectators, and sponsors. Particular emphasis is placed on the design and pricing of sponsorship packages so corporate needs are met. Prerequisite: SPM 240. (Same as PED 351)

SPM 360    Leadership in Physical Activity and Recreation and Sport
Credit Hours: 3
Designed to study the administration and development of community and school recreational programs. Includes instruction in the qualification of a recreational leader with practical applications of leadership. Prerequisite: SPM 240.

SPM 364    Public and Media Relations in Sport
Credit Hours: 3
An analysis of the role of the media and public relation in sport organizations. The appropriate methods and theories will be presented as well as their application in the professional, intercollegiate and commercial sport industries. The relationship between sport organizations and the print and electronic media will be explored and how that relationship is vital to the success of the sport organization will be emphasized. (Same as COM 364)

SPM 420    Sport Finance
Credit Hours: 3
Study of sources of revenue for financing sport, including the public and private sectors, government, memberships, fees, PSLs, taxes, bonds, and trademark licensing. Focuses on principles and methodology of fund raising. Prerequisites: SPM 240, ECO 222 and 223.

SPM 430    Sport Law
Credit Hours: 3
Designed to identify legal liabilities in the sport environment, this course will identify principal causes of sport litigation and encourage discrimination between risks which are inherent in sport and those which are unacceptable. Prerequisites: SPM 240 and BUS 215.

SPM 440    Management of Physical Activity and Sport
Credit Hours: 3
Methods and theories involved in the administration and program development of physical activity and sport in the academic setting and other sports related organizations.

SPM 450    Sports Ethics
Credit Hours: 3
To introduce students to the literature on ethical-decision making and to introduce and discuss several ethical scenarios pertinent to the discipline of sport management. A special emphasis will be made on labor issues pertinent to the discipline.

SPM 470    Special Topics
Credit Hours: 1-3
Concentrated study in Sport Management on various topics depending upon demand. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

SPM 482-3     Practicum in Sport Management
Credit Hours: 1-8
An assignment involving the practical application of knowledge and skills attained in sport and business. Students will work in appropriate private or public agencies which meet their needs and aspirations in the field. A minimum of 50 hours of practicum is required per credit hour. Can be done on a part-time basis subsequent to the junior year.

SPM 484-5   Internship
Credit Hours: 1-12
Full-time work experience in the sport industry (50 hours per credit). Can be done on a full-time basis subsequent to the junior year.

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