Active Learning Opportunities

You'll study at the facilities of Great River Aviation at the Quincy Regional Airport, which is only about 10 miles from Quincy University. You'll enjoy all the advantages of learning from professionals in a commercial air hub. The facility offers three paved runways and a low-traffic airspace, which gives you more opportunities to take to the air. Great River Aviation makes available a variety of aircraft featuring the latest technology. Service by FAA-licensed mechanics ensures that planes meet the strict FAA standards of safety.

Quincy's professional instructors and a low student-to-faculty ratio mean that you can practice frequently and progress quickly. When the weather leaves you grounded, you can explore the Frasca Model 142 Flight Simulator, which replicates the cockpit of a real plane. In the simulator you can learn to respond to flight emergencies and adverse conditions without leaving the safety of the flight lab.

Quincy's partnership with Great River Aviation gives you regular opportunities to interact with corporate and commercial pilots who use the same Fixed Base Operation (FBO) facilities. Plus the collaboration with Great River affords QU's Aviation students with a number of different prospects for internships. During these internships, you will be able to gain first-hand experience in a variety of different career areas, including aircraft sales, airport management, flight line services, air transportation operations, flight education, and aircraft maintenance.

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