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Co-Curricular Assessment Plan

The purpose of the Co-Curricular Assessment Plan is to provide oversight to co-curricular assessment at Quincy University. The plan will also ensure that Co-Curricular Student Learning Outcomes remain in alignment with established Cross-Curricular Outcomes and the University Mission.

Goals of the Comprehensive Co-Curricular Assessment Plan

  1. Identify and articulate co-curricular student learning outcomes.
  2. Conduct systematic and regular assessment of co-curricular student learning outcomes.
  3. Manage system for reporting, storing, and disseminating assessment results.
  4. Conduct annual co-curricular program review utilizing assessment results.
  5. Utilize assessment results in decision making processes as appropriate.

Co-Curricular Student Learning Outcomes
These outcomes will guide student learning and assessment in the co-curricular areas of the University.

  1. Students will articulate, reflect upon, and demonstrate an understanding of Franciscan values and awareness.
  2. Students will demonstrate respect for peers and the environment.
  3. Students will demonstrate responsibility and respect for self.
  4. Students will demonstrate an awareness of and the ability to participate in positive personal and professional relationships.
  5. Students will articulate, reflect upon, and demonstrate leadership skills.

Systematic Assessment

Areas Included: Areas within the purview of the Co-Curricular Assessment Plan include Academic Success; Athletics; Campus Events; Campus Ministry; Counseling and Wellness Centers; Dining Services; Multicultural and Leadership Programs; Residence Life; and Safety and Security.

Area Assessment Plan: Each area will be responsible for creating and submitting an annual assessment plan by September 1 of each academic year. The plan must:

  1. Identify at least three Co-Curricular Student Learning Outcomes the area will assess.
  2. Identify indicators within the outcomes they will use to assess.
  3. Identify programs and events that they hope will lead to achievement of a Student Learning Outcome.
  4. Identify assessment techniques they will utilize to assess the Student Learning Outcomes.
  5. Articulate a timeline for their area’s assessment plan.
  6. Identify programmatic changes made based upon previous year’s assessment data (beginning year two).

Reporting, Storing, and Disseminating Results

Reporting: Results of assessments must be submitted to the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee within two weeks of the assessment event.

Storing: Data will be stored using LiveText, Educational Benchmarking Institute Reports, and a Co-Curricular Assessment Share Drive. For assessment evidence and artifacts, items will be scanned in or otherwise saved to the Co-Curricular Assessment Share Drive (i.e. surveys, videos, etc).

Disseminating: Assessment results will be disseminated annually in the Co-Curricular Assessment Report. This would be a comprehensive report utilizing information submitted by individual areas.

Annual Co-Curricular Area Review
Upon completion of their area’s Annual Assessment Report, a representative from each area will present the information to the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee for feedback, questions, and clarifications.

Assessment in Decision Making Processes
As part of the Annual Assessment Report, each area will identify how they have utilized assessments results in their decision making processes and any programmatic changes made based upon assessment results.



Student Discounts

Multiple businesses in the Quincy area offer discounts to our Quincy University students. Following is a listing of these discounts students can receive. Please notify us in the Office of Student Affairs if you try to use a discount and the business no longer honors it.  Businesses can be added to this listing by contacting the Office of Student Affairs at 217-228-5320.  In order to receive the discounts, please show your QU Student ID.  These discounts are only applicable for Quincy locations.


10% off your purchase
2442 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

Papa John’s Pizza
(217) 222-5252
1 Large 1 topping pizza for $6.99 after 9pm
1828 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

(217) 222-9560
10% off order Mon-Thurs
137 North 3rd St. Quincy, IL


Delta Tire & Custom Wheels
(217) 222-7212
$5 off of full lube & oil filter
10% off of all parts and labor, except tires
1000 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
(217) 222-7000
Per day rates $37.99 compact; $39.99 mid;
$47.99 full-sized; $64.99 minivan/SUV
4530 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

LubePro’s of Quincy Inc.
(217) 223-3900
$3 off oil change
3900 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

Spring Street Automotive
(217) 228-9141
7% off parts and labor
Oil buy 4 get one free
1701 Spring St. Quincy, IL

Summy Tire, Inc.
(217) 224-8473
10% off of tires and parts
418 S. 36th St. Quincy, IL


City Center Hotel
(217) 222-2666
$59 per night + tax
201 S. 3rd Street Quincy, IL

Comfort Inn of Quincy
(217) 228-2700
$72 per night + tax
4122 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

Days Inn
(217) 223-6610
$57 per night + tax
200 Maine St. Quincy, IL

Fairfield Inn
(217) 223-5922
$89.99 per night + tax
4315 Broadway ST. Quincy, IL

Hampton Inn
(217) 224-8378
$84 per night + tax
225 S 4th St. Quincy, IL

**Microtel Inn & Suites
15% off all rooms
200 S. 3rd St. Quincy, IL

Stoney Creek Inn
(217) 223-2255
$79 per night + tax
3809 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

**Available to QU parents and alumni as well.


Designers Edge Day Spa Salon
(217) 222-6224
10% off
505 S. 8th St. Quincy, IL

MC Sports
(217) 221-8545
15% off all regularly priced merchandise
6216 Broadway St. Quincy, IL

Schuecking’s Men’s Wear
(217) 224-4925
10% off lowest ticketed price
106 N 5th St. Quincy, IL

Parent Information


Greetings Parents,

We imagine you are anxiously awaiting your child’s transition to being a student at Quincy University. For this, on Friday, August 16th we have events for you to attend as part of our Parent Orientation program. Following is a schedule of events for parents. Please feel free to also browse the Welcome Weekend page as well as the 2013 Check-in and Move-in Page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs at 217-228-5432 ext. 3788.

Thank you,

The Quincy University Family

Parent Orientation Schedule
Welcome Weekend 2013

Friday, August 16  
2:30 - 3:30 pm Inaugural Ceremony Pepsi Arena
3:45 - 4:45 pm Parent Orientation Main Dining Room
5:00 - 6:00 pm Dinner for students and families Windows to the Future Lawn
6:00 - 6:30 pm Blessing & farewell to parents Francis Hall Front Steps

Spring Orientation '15




Spring Orientation 2015



8:30 AM – 8:55 AM Registration Francis Hall Lobby

9:00 AM – 9:25 AM New Student Welcome & Blessing Chapel

9:30 AM – 9:55 AM Service Learning Chapel

10:00 AM – 10:25 AM Neighbors and Friends Friars 204

10:30 AM – 10:55 AM Campus Resources FRH 234

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Dealing with the Details Respective Offices
Finalize & Sign Documents--Financial Aid
Manage Accounts--Business Office
Student ID & Parking Pass--Security
Immunizations, Housing & Mailboxes--Student Affairs

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM Lunch Private Dining Rm

12:45 PM – 1:30 PM Campus Tour (Optional) Start from MDR


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