Affordability Series

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This series of brief articles takes a service-oriented look at the factors that families should discuss as they consider the financial side of a college decision.

Mom and the Admissions Director

This has been an incredibly exciting year for me, filled with wonderful experiences as a Director of Admissions and Vice President for Enrollment. Those experiences continue to impact me as the mother of a college student. I hope you and your parents find some of these insights helpful as you prepare to enter college next year.

Putting it All Together

So, you think you've done everything right: accepted at universities whose strengths match your strengths and interests, visited campuses, filed a FAFSA, received scholarship and financial aid awards. And now you're looking at the numbers and seeing NO WAY. Or, perhaps this is about what you expected, but it still looks like a real stretch for your family financially.

Scholarships without Deadlines

Some deadlines have passed. In fact, last week Quincy University hosted a group of incoming freshmen who were on campus to compete in our Presidential Scholarship competition. However, even as we think about this outstanding group of students who will join the QU community next fall, we want others to know that this competition is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider the broader range of scholarships and grants that our students receive.

Graduating on Time

Just how long should it take to earn a four-year degree? Traditionally, four years has always been the standard --- that’s why we call it a four-year degree. It’s easy to assume that’s how long it will take you to graduate at the college of your choice.