Junior Slump


The saying goes that there is always a sophomore slump. Well, for me, sophomore year wasn’t the problem. Junior year, however, is a different story. I’ve always thought of myself as a well-prepared woman, both in school, and outside of school. I like to have assignments completed for class days in advance; I show up early for work and class; I even make sure to plan out when my friends and I will meet up for coffee.

I’ve never had a problem with being disorganized or getting my work done, but for some reason, I seem to feel completely overwhelmed this semester. My planner is still filled up, color coded, and bookmarked, but just as I seem to finish one task, I have three more waiting to be started. Worse than that, I do not even seem to have my normal motivation to try and keep up.

For the first time ever, I’ve turned in late assignments, feel completely overwhelmed, and do nothing about the amount of assignments piling up on my desk at night. Although my grades have yet to falter all that much from what is normal for me, the possibility of them falling lower than average has done nothing to kick-start my determination.

What do I do? I seem to ask myself that question every day. Much of the time, I seem to feel like I, alone, will never get out of this funk. I feel like I’m scrambling to catch up constantly. However, I don’t seem to be the only junior feeling this way. Talking to friends that are in the same year as I am, they all seem to feel the same way. Where has our motivation gone?

Maybe it’s the impending doom of only having one more year before graduation. Maybe it is just the chilling weather that’s making me not want to leave my room to head to the library, but either way I am drowning in a sea of papers and due dates.

Although I seem to keep getting everything done just in the nick of time, the only thing that has really helped jumpstart my motivation is to surround myself with highly motivated friends. Seeing them plow through homework makes me want to be just as productive.

All of my motivated friends keep telling me that everyone has that one semester that seems to drag you down, but that everything will get better. They offer advice and positive reassurance.

Even if I am just running in an endless circle, being around them causes me to at least finish all of the projects that need to be finished. Even if it is an endless, vicious cycle, at least for now I am caught up for finals, with an optimistic outlook for next semester.



Sara Belmont
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