Quincy University: The Résumé Builder


1/16/14 -- It seems that in this day in age, you have to have a college degree if you want to be successful. Not everyone can be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg. Sometimes, a college degree may not be enough to get the job done. Graduate school seems to be a common thing now due to the quickly shrinking job market. You have to really stand out if you want to make money in your desired field, and a grad school degree can certainly help.

This is where I have found Quincy University to be extremely helpful. I am a Communications major specializing in Public Relations, as well as a Marketing minor. I was looking for a few opportunities to take advantage of in order to build my résumé for not only grad school, but also the job market. Enter the Schleppenbachs, two QU communications professors who happen to be married.  I said in my last blog post that QU really makes you feel at home. The small class sizes allow the professors to take a personal interest in each student. The Schleppenbachs seem to take this idea to heart. Because of the personal interest they have both taken in me, I have been given many opportunities to get involved both on campus and off campus.  I am very appreciative of their helpfulness, and would like to quickly share my experiences with these great professors.

Anyone that has had Professor John Schleppenbach knows that he loves to talk about internships. While some students in his classes seem to get tired of listening to him talk about them, I myself feel very appreciative. He is constantly presenting his students with opportunities to build their résumé. How can you get tired of opportunity? It is because of Dr. John that I may possibly receive a paid internship at a local television station this semester. I am very appreciative of Dr. John and hope to see more students take advantage of the opportunities he presents. They will certainly look good on our résumés.

Dr. John’s wife, Professor Barb Schleppenbach, is just as helpful. She gave me the opportunity to write this blog for the QU website, which I will also be able to put on my résumé. What makes Dr. Barb so helpful is that she not only gives her students opportunity, but she also gives them time. Communications students are constantly writing articles, blogs, and papers. She realizes her students are very busy, and having to write multiple articles for different classes is very time consuming. Dr. Barb allows her students to use the articles and blog posts they have written for other classes or jobs for the assignments in her classes because she knows the amount of time and work that we have put into them. This philosophy of hers allows communication students to get involved in as much as possible without being overloaded with work. Our résumés keep building.

Obviously, these are all opportunities afforded to communication students here at Quincy University. However, in my experience here at QU, professors in all departments do their best to provide opportunity outside the classroom for their students, just like the Schleppenbachs. The personal interest the professors at QU take in their students makes Quincy University a very advantageous and special place to spend your college years. I’ve come to think of this school as a “résumé builder”. It’s time to take advantage.


Patrick Kuhle
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