Richard Mangione

Richard Mangione '69
mangioneSince his days working at the QC Bookstore in 1964, Dick Mangione has always had an apt for the business world.  Today, he is the Founder and President Marshall Furniture located in Antioch, Illinois.  Marshall Furniture produces custom furniture designs including desks, lecturns, and presentation furniture.

Gary Kirlin

Gary Kirlin '69
kirlinSince 1948, Kirlin Hallmark has been an iconic staple in the downtown Quincy scene.  Founded by Dale Sr. and Marian Kirlin, Kirlin Hallmark got its start as a small candy shop at the corner of 6th and Maine called “Andes Candies”.  After numerous requests to sell greeting cards, the Kirlins adopted a strategy with Hallmark that would grow their business far more than anyone could have predicted.

Richard Lochrie

Richard Lochrie '63
lochrie"For companies big and small, success equates to 70 percent marketing and 30 percent product performance," says Richard J. Lochrie '63. It is this type of large scale mentality that has kept Lochrie on marketing's cutting edge for more than 35 years.

Daniel Tolbert

Daniel Tolbert, Ph.D. ‘68
tolbertThanks in part to a basketball scholarship from longtime Quincy coach John Ortwerth, Daniel Tolbert first set foot on the Quincy campus as a freshman in 1964 and quickly made a name for himself both on and off the court.  Tolbert still holds the program record for rebounds per game (14.3) and is sixth on the all-time rebounds list with 935.

Rose Camastro-Pritchett

Rose Camastro-Pritchett '64
rosecamastropritchettRose Camastro-Pritchett is an accomplished visual and performance art artist with international acclaim.    An avid traveler, Rose has lived in the Middle East, Europe, North Wales and China.  Throughout her career, Rose has exhibited and performed in cities all over the world. Her most recent exhibit was on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.