Richard Lochrie

Richard Lochrie '63
lochrie"For companies big and small, success equates to 70 percent marketing and 30 percent product performance," says Richard J. Lochrie '63. It is this type of large scale mentality that has kept Lochrie on marketing's cutting edge for more than 35 years.

In 1974, Richard and wife Kathleen [Kelly] Lochrie ‘64 co-founded Lochrie & Associates, Inc.—a Wisconsin-based management consulting firm specializing in marketing, business forecasting, and strategic planning. The same year, Lochrie & Associates began a relationship with General Electric; a trust that ensured longevity and brought several Fortune 500 companies to the Lochrie & Associates clientele. The Lochries' daughter, Beth, also works for her parents' company.

In 2009, Lochrie and co-author Biju Michael published Integrity: The Core of Leadership. With leadership as its focus, this book combines personal research and experiences with references to great leaders in ranging fields including industry, religion, politics, sports, and entrepreneurship.
To current student entrepreneurs, Lochrie offers the following words of wisdom: "Your competitive advantage rests in your Catholic education, your integrity, and your marketing prowess."

In addition to his bachelor of arts Industrial Management, Lochrie holds a masters degree in mathematics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

(Originally published in February 2011 QUniverse)