Gary Kirlin

Gary Kirlin '69
kirlinSince 1948, Kirlin Hallmark has been an iconic staple in the downtown Quincy scene.  Founded by Dale Sr. and Marian Kirlin, Kirlin Hallmark got its start as a small candy shop at the corner of 6th and Maine called “Andes Candies”.  After numerous requests to sell greeting cards, the Kirlins adopted a strategy with Hallmark that would grow their business far more than anyone could have predicted.

Gary Kirlin joined the family business in 1969 (only days after college graduation) and played a key role in the company’s exponential growth in the decades to follow.  As he learned the business, Kirlin recalls packing boxes of candy and making personal deliveries throughout the Quincy area.  Kirlin attributes much of the company’s exceptional customer service and successes to humble beginnings like this.

Now spanning three generations of Kirlins, Kirlin Hallmark is currently the largest independent Hallmark dealer in the country with more than 100 stores in ten Midwestern states.  Still Quincy residents, Kirlin and his brother, Chairman Dale Jr., are proud to celebrate more than forty years with Kirlin Hallmark.

(Originally published in August 2010 QUniverse)