David Lakine

David Lakine '89
lakineFollowing graduation, David Lakine relocated to St. Louis and began working as a substance abuse counselor for two years before joining Faith House—a home for young children who were prenatally exposed to drugs or were born to substance-abusing parents. Lakine served as the deputy executive director for fifteen years before joining the Northside Community Center as director of their DREAMS program.
DREAMS (or Dedicated, Responsible, Energetic, And Motivated Students) is a program which provides in-school support such as counseling, tutoring, and mentoring to students requiring an extra boost. Participants are provided with homework assistance, work experience, service-oriented learning as well as sports programs, field trips, and college visits.

Focusing on leadership development, DREAMS is designed to provide an educational environment which motivates and enables children to excel in education. The program inspires them to become self-directed learners while instilling a love for themselves, their families, and their communities. As director, Lakine serves as a program counselor and oversees all program implementation as well as a staff of four.

In 2006, Lakine received a masters degree in professional counseling from Lindenwood University. A two-year starter for the Hawks, Lakine still enjoys coaching youth basketball programs throughout the St. Louis area.

(Originally published in February 2011 QUniverse)