Name Position Phone
Bruce Spitzer Dean of School of Education 217-228-5432 x3106
Maria Alvarez PhD Instructor in Education
Debbie Broadwater TPS Grant Office Assistant 217-228-5432 x3090
Andrea Owens-Fifield, PhD Assistant Professor of School Counseling 217-228-5432 x3114
Margaret Fitch Instructor in Education - Elementary Mathematics 217-228-5432 x3103
Audra Frericks Instructor in Education - PE 217-228-5315x3154
Nancy Geissler Administrative Assistant, School of Education 217-228-5432 x3100
Raymond Heilmann Director of Off-Campus Studies and Student Teaching 217-228-5432 x3102
Byron Holdiman Director, Teaching with Primary Sources 217-228-5432 x3091
Douglas Johnson Assistant Professor of Physical Education 217-228-5432 x3115
Paul Kiel Instructor in Education - ASL 217-919-9647
Martin Koranda, EdD Instructor of Education
David Landsom, PhD Associate Professor of Special Education; Coordinator of Special Education 217-228-5432 x3108
Patricia Lauraitis Instructor of Education
Elysia Mahoney Instructor of Sport Management 217-228-5432 x3110
Sharon Mallo Instructor of Education
Maria Mast Instructor in Education - Coordinator of Reading Lab 217-228-5432 x3116
Glenda McCarty Assistant Professor of Education 217-228-5432 x3109
Jane Meirose Instructor of Interpreter Training; Director, Interpreter Training Program 217-228-5432 x3101
Lacinda Mena Field Placement Coordinator 217-228-5420 x4201
Dorothy Nelson Instructor in Education - Reading 217-228-5432 x3111
Maureen O'Donnell Program Liaison
Kenneth Oliver, PhD Associate Professor of School & Community Counseling; Director, MEC Program 217-228-5432 x3113
Martha Rubottom Instructor in Education - Coordinator of Student Teaching Seminar 217-228-5432 x4206
Maria Sarwark Program Coordinator
Nita Scherer Certification Officer 217-228-5432 x3118
Marian Sorenson Instructor in Education - Middle School 217-228-5432 x3121
Penny Strube Instructor in Education - Reading 217-228-5432 x3103
LuBeth Young Lecturer in Education 217-228-5432 x3117