Goal Four

Expand Relationships, both Internal and External

info_goal4The strong and lasting connection among past and present Quincy University community members is indispensible. To maintain these bonds, we constantly take steps to promote civility among the QU community, strengthen alumni ties, and use the resources that the Board of Trustees provides to help QU achieve its utmost growth and success. QU pursues lifelong relationships with the people who truly want to see the school thrive, therefore cultivating a promisingly bright future.


  • Promote civility among all members of the Quincy University community
  • Strengthen alumni participation and support for Quincy University
  • Expand the Board of Trustees" connection to Quincy University in time, talent, and treasure
  • Launch a capital campaign appropriate to internal needs and external opportunities

Implementation Examples

  • Establish celebratory initiatives to foster a more positive work environment
  • Create a Quincy University student alumni association
  • Build and support professional-based focus groups consisting of alumni
  • Update competencies needed to be an effective trustee member
  • Identify specific projects for capital campaign
  • Research and expand affinity programs