Goal Three

Provide a Learning Environment that Promotes Student Success and Institutional Sustainability

info_goal3In an increasingly competitive job market, a liberal arts education that includes practical experience can mean the difference between just having a job and starting a career. To achieve this level of marketability, Quincy University seeks fresh ways to increase the hands-on learning and broad educational spectrum of its students. Strengthening the liberal arts foundation and promoting internships and other realworld learning experiences are vital tools that QU plans to expand in the next five years. Taking these crucial steps to enhance and constantly update its learning environment assures the future success of QU.


  • Promote distinctive learning programs
  • Expand internships, international study, and service learning
  • Strengthen the Liberal Arts Foundation
  • Strengthen assessment of student learning
  • Expand off -site and online learning

Implementation Examples

  • Introduce service learning requirement in curriculum
  • Launch online undergraduate and master programs
  • Expand institutional partnerships for international study
  • Develop a Great Books/Great Ideas Program
  • Invest in Honors Program to showcase academic excellence