Goal Two

Provide Physical and Social Environments to Attract and Retain Students

info_goal2While the success of any university relies on its educational offerings, the physical and social environment of a campus is essential in providing a fulfilling student experience. To ensure such an experience, Quincy University maintains the aesthetic and social environment that captures its community. As a result, constant improvements of the communal and physical development of the campus, such as building a new residence hall and preserving the QU chapel, are a priority for the betterment of campus life. In order to provide an environment that attracts and retains successful students, QU strives to consistently foster a vibrant and accessible atmosphere.


  • Upgrade and maintain campus housing and landscape; construct a new residence facility while promoting and measuring sustainability
  • Examine and revise, where necessary, the 1998 Campus Master Plan
  • Reinvest in the North Campus as an integral part of the University
  • Expand opportunities for student engagement in campus life, including attention to intra- and inter-collegiate athletic programs

Implementation Examples

  • Construct new suite-style residential facility
  • Develop campus-wide sustainability program
  • Repair and preserve St. Francis Solanus Chapel
  • Develop plan for improved athletic facilities
  • Develop construction and funding outline for expansion of Student Center
  • Pursue potential uses for Hawks" Nest and Student Center with focus on increased student activity and revenue streams