Franciscan Value Series

This series of articles is designed to help you understand the value of a Franciscan education. Learn about the values of inclusion, nonviolence, reverence for creation, and celebration.


Have you ever wondered why we, as human beings, have a natural tendency to help others, especially those in need? From a Christian and Franciscan perspective God created us with an innate desire to give of ourselves, to share our gifts, talents and skills for the benefit of others, and to make a difference in each other's lives.

Peace & Reconciliation

Have you heard of people who shove their girlfriend or slap their boyfriend? Maybe you know someone who pushed your friend to take drugs or to drink beyond her limit? Someone who goads your buddies into making fun of someone who makes them uncomfortable? Make a younger or weaker person feel stupid or ridiculous because they can?


St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint for ecology due to his profound kinship with all of creation.  He was deeply affected by his encounters with creatures, plants, water, fire, wind, etc.  It dawned on him one day that all of creation is a special reflection of God's goodness and beauty, especially human beings who have been created in the image and likeness of God.


Gracious God, You call us daily to transformation. We are always on the way. We know that we never fully actualize our true potential. Continue to stir our hearts with a desire to become fully human and alive so that the world will be a better place by our passion to be more than we are.


"Slow down and smell the roses!"nbsp; When you take the time to look and listen, you discover all that exists has its own unique signature.  There are no exact duplicates.  When you look at this phenomenon through a Franciscan lens, you realize that God loves diversity because everything is a special reflection of God's goodness and beauty.