Crime Statistics

Preparation of Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics:

The Director of Safety and Security takes several steps to ensure the required statistics are compiled correctly. The Director meets with the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of Resident Life and Community Standards each week to discuss campus life.

During these meetings any crimes within the scope of Clery are discussed and documented for the annual report. In addition the Director of Security meets with Resident Directors, who directly supervise Resident Assistants, on a monthly basis, again campus activities are discussed including crimes that fall within the Clery Act these crimes are recorded as required in the annual report. The Director at the end of each year will send a letter to the Director of Athletics, Coaches, Deans and Faculty Advisors to solicit any information regarding crimes they may be aware of. The Director communicates regularly with the Quincy Police Department in an effort to maintain a solid working relationship. The Quincy Police Department provides a quarterly update of all crimes reported to them within the predetermined area of Quincy University. This area was determined using the guidelines set forth by the Clery Act. In order to ensure that none of the reports are counted more than once a thorough review is conducted by the Director prior to the final reports distribution. The statistics are compiled and the Annual Security Report is provided on line by October 14th each year. A hard copy of the report is available upon request at the Security Office located in room 115 of Friars Hall.


Quincy University Crime Statistics

Quincy University Hate Crime Statistics