Phi Sigma Sigma

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Meeting Times & Location: Thursdays 9:00pm FRH 234

Target Membership: Female students with 12 or more credit hours, a minimum 2.5 GPA, meet Phi Sig membership criteria of two service hours a month, membership in two outside activities, and meet NPC recruitments.

Dues: around $450 per year.

Joining Requirements: Application, interview, meeting Quincy University's requirements.

Fall Semester Recruitment: all who meet requirements
Spring Semester Recruitment: all who meet requirements

To create an environment that fosters the advancement of womanhood & growth & development of each member through commitment to leadership, academic excellence, philanthropic service, good health, and citizenship. We pledge to perpetuate these goals and ideals to all who will know us in the name of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Our Open Motto: Aim High

Interested in Joining Phi Sigma Sigma?

You might want to know…

We are all about Learning:
The women of Phi Sigma Sigma share a commitment to lifelong learning. We teach each other and learn from each other. We make academic achievement a priority, fostering an environment that encourages our membership to reach their highest potential.

We are all about Serving:
Phi Sigma Sigma's value making a difference in the lives of others. Hence, they become leaders in their communities, their professions, and their sisterhood. Leadership through service comes naturally to our women as we cultivate personal growth by seeking opportunities to serve.

We are all about Sisterhood:
Phi Sigma Sigma is a dynamic sisterhood of women with different backgrounds but similar values. Our commitment to inclusiveness binds us, and results in stronger women who embrace individuality and share this philosophy with the world.

Our Core Values Include:
Our core values distinguish Phi Sigma Sigma, unite us in our endeavors and become ingrained in our character. We live our core values when we recruit new members, as we chart the course of our college experience, and as we make decisions about career, family, and community involvement. Phi Sigma Sigma's core values are the basis for both our membership recruitment (Vision) and member development (Reflections) programs.

Life Long Learning:
As new members, as collegiate members and as alumnae, learning is a priority and we encourage our sisters to make the most of educational opportunities at our colleges and in our communities. Through education and challenging ourselves to reach new goals, we become women of influence and substance.

An inclusive sisterhood prepares its members for a world filled with diversity. By embracing our differences, we become a stronger organization that benefits not only our members, but those around us. We seek out and include women of various races, cultures, levels of ability, socioeconomic origin, backgrounds and perspectives.

Leadership through Service:
Phi Sigma Sigma believes that a woman who serves is also a woman who leads. By serving others, our members become more valuable citizens, students, parents, workers and community leaders.

Programs & Philanthropic Projects:

  • Spring Kick Ball Tournament
  • Princess for a Day
  • Charity walk-a-thons (for various organizations)
  • Hospital and nursing home visits-we visit the Blessing Dialysis Center and do activities with the Good Samaritan Nursing Home
  • Sponsoring a family on Thanksgiving
  • Angel of Love Tree/Christmas Seals
  • Madonna House-collecting donations and volunteering our time
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party-volunteering our time at their event
  • Way of the Cross participants-volunteering for campus ministry
  • Pie a Friar-to raise money for a charity of our choice (annually at the Homecoming football game
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Program-the majority of our sisters have a 'little" that we spend four hours a month mentoring.
  • Candy Apple Appreciation-making and giving candy apples to the faculty to show how much they mean to us.
  • Red Cross Blood Drives-we sponsor a blood drive every semester with Delta Tau Delta.

Where our money goes:

  • All of the proceeds from Princess for a Day go to the National Kidney Foundation.
  • All of the proceeds from the Spring Kick Ball Tournament go to the Special Olympics.
  • Money raised at other Philanthropy events is voted on by the chapter to decide where we send it. We have sent money to the following charities: Madonna House, Youth Diabetes, Cancer for Kids, Big Brother Big Sister Program, Transitions, and other Greek organizations on campus.

Parents Information:
We offer payment plans.
We offer scholarships.
We require study hours for girls who have below a 3.0 GPA.
We have many policies to insure the best interest of our members and our chapter.

The policies include:

  • Alcohol/Illegal Drug Policy-restricting such things as alcohol in the house, drinking in Greek letters, moderation, ect.
  • Anti-hazing Policy-all forms of hazing are prohibited.
  • Human Dignity Policy- "College women should have a positive influence in the direction and achievements of the university community and that activities should promote self-worth, human dignity and a positive Greek image"
  • "Little Sisters" and "Little Brothers" Policy-no Phi Sigma Sigma chapter shall have its own "Little Brother" group.
  • Membership Recruitment Policy-All voting of new members must be by secret ballot, legacy must be accorded special consideration as a courtesy to the soror, only sisters who have met the prospective member may cast a ballot on perspective member, ect.
  • Multiculuralism and Diversity Awareness Policy-Always maintain a non-scripture based ritual, bylaws and policies have NEVER tolerated membership selection based on discrimination, membership is open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, handicap, disability, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation or any other classification protected by law or ordinance, ect.
  • Overnight Policy-discourages overnight social activities, provide group transportation to functions off campus.
  • Risk Management Policy-abide by all local, state, national laws, campus regulations, policies, Phi Sigma Sigma's constitution and policies.

We love to have parental involvement:

  • Father's Pinning Ceremony-every Fall to honor our Fathers.
  • Mother's Pinning Ceremony-every Spring to honor our Mothers.