QU Partners with MyForce to Enhance Student Safety

Quincy University has taken one step further in enhancing the safety of students— not just on campus, but anywhere the student’s mobile phone works. QU has partnered with MyForce — a personal security service accessed through a smartphone application — that offers an innovative way for a student to summon help, if needed, allowing campus security and local authorities to monitor the live alert, while having access to critical details to expedite help, and arrive to the incident informed.

How it Worksmyforce-security-service-smartphone

You or your student can register at myforce.com. Your student will fill out their own profile — which includes name, address, vehicle information, a photograph, medical history, any known safety concerns, as well as emergency contacts. When complete, the application is downloaded to the student’s smartphone through their respective app store. Then, when activated on the phone, all the student needs to do is send an alert with the touch of a button, even if they’re simply worried. The MyForce team receives the alert and listens to incoming audio to gain further insight into the incident. The student does not have to speak if they’re unable to, MyForce is their advocate and will get them the help they need, when they need it. The student’s position is fixed through the GPS in the smartphone and assistance is on the way! The service is available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Enhanced Safety On and Off Campus

MyForce has created a geofence, or invisible boundary around the Quincy University campus. This way, when an alert is received within the campus boundary, not only are the local police contacted and relayed crucial profile and incident information, but QU’s 24/7/365 Security Officers are also alerted to the trouble and the location — allowing us to respond with precision and speed. Off campus, MyForce continues to provide enhanced safety. Anywhere the mobile phone works in all 50 states, MyForce is available to be a silent, mobile bodyguard for your loved one. Spring break, visits home, or simply around the city of Quincy, the coverage is there, and so is the protection.

Enhance Safety Now

By using the promotional code QUHAWKS99 during registration, Quincy families receive special pricing. The fee is $11.99 per month or $99.99 for the first annual subscription, and $69.99 for each additional annual subscription. QU and MyForce are making the promotion available to students as well as their immediate family. Not only can your student have enhanced safety, but parents and other family members may enjoy the coverage also. To learn more and get signed up, simply visit myforce.com.