North Campus Revitalization


Invest in Science Excellence at Quincy University

Quincy University is proud to announce plans to renovate a portion of North Campus into a new Center for Science.  The project, slated to being in the Spring of 2014, was made possible by a generous lead gift of $2 million by an anonymous donor.  Giving students exposure to newer technologies and first-hand research experience will provide them with a competitive advantage for internships, graduate and professional schools, and the workforce.  Increased experiential learning for students will directly impact their ability to apply the knowledge they need to be successful, both intellectually and professionally.


sciencelabPlans include the renovation and upgrade of traditional classrooms and laboratories, and the addition of one psychology and two science Faculty-Student Research Laboratories.

Specialty Science Teaching Laboratories: Contemporary laboratory settings with up-to-date equipment will give students hands-on experience to complement newly acquired knowledge provided through traditional lecture.

Student Study Space: With the number of core programs being taught at North Campus, it is critical to provide flexible student study and gathering space. The planned study space includes workstations, wireless access and proximity to science classrooms and faculty. A food service area will be added to meet the needs of hundreds of students utilizing the campus each week.

Faculty-Student Research Laboratories: The creation of Faculty-Student Research Labs will allow faculty to continue their scientific pursuits while providing unique and valuable research opportunities for students. Students will be able to apply what they have learned in their courses to scientific research through both assisting faculty research and through conducting their own original research.

Student Computer Laboratory: A teaching and student computer lab is planned for North Campus. This lab is critical for student work and contains specialized software specific to science, mathematics, and psychology.

Modern Technology-Equipped Classrooms: Modernization of classroom space will allow all students at North Campus to learn in an environment designed for today's technologically advanced students. Internet resources can be accessed in class and displayed for classroom viewing, students can record research data in student response systems for instant classroom analysis, and the professor can manipulate the classroom display via a tablet from anywhere in the room. Flexible modular classroom furnishings allow the professor to create multiple learning environments by rearranging the room for both individual and group study.

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