Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

In 2008 Quincy University conducted a self-study to prepare for accreditation with the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission. The self-study process engaged the entire campus community of faculty, staff and students in reviewing, assessing and identifying goals for every aspect of the university. Based on the results of the self-study, in 2009 the university was awarded a 10-year accreditation'the maximum awarded by the Commission.

The self-study process identified a need for a strategic plan outlining the goals, objectives and specific actions the university will take to continue on its path of growth and stability. A Strategic Plan was completed in May of 2010 and identifies five overarching goals of the university. Beginning in September 2010, Quincy University began translating the strategic plan into a blueprint for the physical and visible space on campus which resulted in a five-year Master Plan.

The 2012 Master Plan outlines seven major areas of focus for investment in the next five years. A renewed commitment to the North Campus facility, representing nearly 30% of the entire $23 Million Master Plan Budget, is a central focus of this plan. The North Campus Revitalization project is estimated at $5.8 Million and includes the expansion and renovation of the Natural Science Facility, the creation of a Music Performance Center, and the relocation and expansion of the music and communication facility.

Quincy University's North Campus serves students of all backgrounds and disciplines including science, mathematics, psychology, theater, music, and communication. In addition to academic pursuits, the campus also supports athletic and spiritual development through the soccer field complex, indoor baseball/softball facility and, Franciscan Retreat Center.